This is Klingstone.

The original, patented spray-on polymer bunker liner… and the only one with a 15+ year track record of success!

No fabric, no concrete, no asphalt.

No contamination, no subgrade erosion, no replacement.

Klingstone stops bunker sand contamination from below

Stops contamination from below

Contamination is the most significant factor leading to costly renovation of sand bunkers. Klingstone stops it cold.

Klingstone prevents erosion of the subgrade

Prevents erosion of the clay bunker face

Why let water through to erode the subgrade? Klingstone channels it to the drains instead, free of silt and contamination.

Klingstone is easy to apply.

Easy to apply

Single component, no mixing. Using our free loaner pump and a portable compressor, Klingstone is applied with a garden hose and simple nozzle. An average 1000 sf bunker takes only 30 minutes!

Why let water through to the subgrade?

Some spray-on liner products allow water to percolate through and erode the clay subgrade. Picture a hard, brittle liner layer over voids and channels of an eroded subgrade. What’s going to happen? With foot traffic or the weight of a Sand Pro, the liner layer may crack and prematurely fail.

Klingstone maintains the integrity of your bunker drainage system long-term by sealing the subgrade surface and channeling water above the liner, preventing subgrade erosion that could cause the liner to fail prematurely. If you’re considering another product, ask for long-term references. We have installations over 15 years old!

Choose your liner product carefully so you only renovate your bunkers ONCE!

Picture this as your (magnified) clay subsoil under a permeable, brittle liner after erosion from rain or irrigation has occurred. Lay a thin, hard liner over it and drive a bunker rake over it, or walk on it. Premature failure would likely result.

Drains stay clear

Drains stay clear

Klingstone creates an impermeable layer below the sand… keeping soil particles out of your drainage system.

Bunkers are quickly back in play

Quickly back in play

Bunker sand can be replaced after 1-2 hours of curing time, and back in play within 24 hours!

Klingstone is durable and long-lasting.

Durable and long lasting

When cured, Klingstone is hard yet pliable, so moves with the soil rather than fighting it. This installation is 15 years old!

“After 11″ of rain in three days, the bunkers treated with Klingstone drained the best of any on the course, with no standing water and zero contamination from below. This stuff works!”

Clay Putnam, CGCS, ServiScape LLC

Klingstone eliminates contamination of the sand from the underlying soil, preventing soil fines from migrating into the drain lines. No more silted up slow or clogged drains, or subgrade erosion under the liner.

Rains or irrigation water runs through the clean sand, hits the Klingstone sublayer, then runs across it quickly into the drain lines. Standing water in bunkers is a thing of the past, as are eroded slopes and the resultant contamination of your sand.

With Klingstone installed, standing water (and resultant pumping), soil contamination and clogged drains are things of the past.


Klingstone cures to an inert, plastic substance when it penetrates the soil base of the bunker cavity. It is a low viscosity, single component (no mixing) liquid which penetrates soils and binds them together. This keeps soil particles from migrating into bunker sand or drainage systems.
  • Prevents contamination of bunker sand from below
  • Prevents erosion of bunker faces and resultant contamination
  • Maintains integrity of bunker drainage systems
  • Lowers routine bunker maintenance costs going forward — no clogged or slow drains, therefore no Ground Under Repair or sand replacement due to the dreaded post storm “Brown Ring” in the low spot of the bunker. Sand displaced in a weather event stays clean and is easily moved to its proper location in the bunker.
We don’t know yet. The liquid product penetrates the base soils producing an inert plastic (permanent) barrier. The polyurethane (plastic) in the soil will not break down over time unless exposed to direct UV light for prolonged periods, unlikely when covered with sand. Our oldest installation is in Minnesota and going strong since 1999, despite the severe climate.

“We have had Klingstone in our bunkers now for 16 seasons… Our bunkers are still draining like new with no subgrade contamination.”

Tim Johnson, superintendent
Spring Hill Golf Club, Wayzata, MN


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