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Trails, Walkways, Cart Paths

Klingstone, Inc. manufactures a product to be specifically used on trails, walkways and cart paths. KLINGSTONE 400® is a higher viscosity, higher strength material designed to create natural pathways where an aggregate of up to 3/4" is desired. It has been used on trails to bring them into compliance with ADA standards. It may also be used on sand and other fine soils. The simple application methods are the same as KLINGSTONE 40®, which has received a patent (U.S. Patent No.: 6,467,991).

KLINGSTONE 400® pathway in Edmonton, Canada.
Photo courtesy of R.L. Lievre & Associates.

KLINGSTONE® products are:

Trail Research at Bradford Woods, conducted by the National Center on Accessibility - A program of Indiana University in cooperation with the National Park Service. (When this research was conducted, KLINGSTONE® was still named Mountain Grout Soil Stabilizer.)
Click here to see the report located on their website.

See some of the trails KLINGSTONE® has been used on:

Lookout Mountain Golf Club, Tennessee

Laurel Ridge Country Club, North Carolina

Old Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

Wyahutta National Park, North Carolina

Edmonton, Canada


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