US Patent No. 6,467,991

Installation at Colonial Country Club

Klingstone 40 is a low viscosity, single component, moisture-curing liquid designed to stabilize soils. It is used extensively on golf courses to stabilize the base and steep faces of bunkers. This stabilized soil layer creates a barrier that protects the bunker sand from contamination, stops erosion of the steep faces and stops pests from burrowing through the bunker sand and into the soil beneath.

Application: Klingstone is pumped directly from the drum to the bunker where it penetrates the bunker soil surface, reacts with moisture and cures to provide a firm, durable barrier. Typical coverage is 20 square feet per gallon. Bunker sand is installed after curing several hours.

  • Patented polyurethane liquid — developed by a golf course superintendent!
  • Environmentally friendly — no solvents or VOCs
  • Inert when cured
  • Simple equipment needed to apply
  • Easy to handle
  • Single component – no mixing
  • Durable & cost efficient
  • Ships as class 55 –  non-hazardous per DOT shipping regulations
  • Will not support fungal growth

Note: All soils are not the same. If in doubt about Klingstone’s compatibility with your soils call for FREE SAMPLE.